In the Age of Austerity, Why You Should Become A Socialist!

First public event @ Hunter!

Global Meltdown meets Global Resistance:
Why You Should Become A Socialist

Following the biggest economic crisis in four generations, the financial meltdown of 2008, the ruling classes of World have embarked on a program to extend the same policies that led to the crisis while also shifting the mass of this private debt into public debt. Through massive budget cuts of crucial social services and public institutions (which disproportionately devastate already underserved communities of color), the mass job layoffs, the ever increasing and costly policing and state surveillance, and the continuance of hyper-expensive wars and militarization expansion- for “our sake” yet at our expense – is defining this austerity program that is only accelerating the race to bottom of living standards for majority of the world.

This austerity program, in its global resonance of working class and poor degradation, has prompted a significant response – a response just as serious as the one that threatens the lives and future of the majority of the world. From the mass popular democratic revolutions in North Africa, the social upheavals throughout Europe, as well as the recent student rebellion in Chile, lie the sure signs of a consciousness and struggle that is being mounted in order to challenge this nominally legal yet unjustifiable attack on the poor and working people everywhere.

In this country, class-conscious struggle has already began to emerge and break through the surface – Madison, Wisconsin, the strike of Verizon workers along the East Coast – what is missing is a generalized struggle and a strategy for achieving victory for working class people.  
 As we witness the all-out assault on working people everywhere, NOW is the time to learn about building a political alternative and organizing a real challenge… 



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