Mobilizing for our Professors and Adjuncts Today!

As Students under assault from budget cuts on our education and lives, we should rally for our CUNY professors and Adjuncts in solidarity who are facing attacks on their medical benefits.

Students and Labor, Shut the City Down!

First Posted on the New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts (NYABC) List serve:

Dear City University of New York and NYC-wide communities,

This Monday afternoon, people of conscience will gather at Baruch College to pressure the CUNY Board of Trustees to ensure that over 1700 adjuncts aren’t stripped of our health coverage in mid-2012. The Professional Staff Congress has posted some helpful info on their site about it, including here and here.
Teachers, students, staff, and the public will also raise other grievances: $1500 in “rational” tuition increases, NYPD/CIA spying on CUNY Muslim student groups, disintegrating infrastructures, resource disparities across CUNY schools, excessive administration salaries. People will protest inside the BoT meeting in the VC building, as well as outside at Lexington and 24th street.

The Adjunct Project welcomes Graduate Center folks to join a caravan leaving the GC lobby at 3pm to walk down to Baruch together. All others are encouraged to meet at Baruch by 3:30pm. Please contribute to re-envisioning CUNY and our city’s priorities by taking action with us on Monday.

hearty regards,
-Conor Tomás Reed
Adjunct Project co-coordinator, education & advocacy
979 204 9253

Also a meeting for the Adjunct Project the following day:

This Tuesday at the Graduate Center, CUNY faculty and students will join PSC committee members to discuss how to collectively reverse this health care crisis, and in doing so, dynamically re-invigorate our union’s contract campaign. We ask you to participate in this strategizing meeting, and to personally welcome other colleagues and friends to join, as well.

Adjunct Health Insurance Crisis Meeting
Tuesday, August 30, 3:30-6pm

CUNY Graduate Center, Room 5409

Here are some ideas that have been discussed so far that we hope can be explored more on Tuesday:

1. One of our union leadership’s stated goals in the bargaining agenda set forth last fall is to get all part-time employees on the city’s comprehensive health care plan. A potential health care defense campaign can pressure the union bargaining team to make this demand a top priority when they go to the contract negotiating table with CUNY in the coming months.”

2. PSC committee members have proposed holding a large protest at the CUNY Board of Trustees meeting on September 26th to highlight the issue.

We support these ideas, but also encourage you to contribute your own this Tuesday. Together we can challenge CUNY’s decision to put faculty members’ well-being on the chopping block, as part of a wider effort to eliminate work-life precarity at our university.

-Adjunct Project


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