Friday at 4pm: Hunter College General Assembly

This message is from Hunter Students United, a club on campus dedicated to fighting the racist budget cuts and tuition hikes that will further push away the under-privileged and working class communities. The Hunter International Socialist Club works in solidarity with Hunter Students United and the Hunter College GA
-Hunter International Socialist Club

So with all this activity happening everyday and nearly everywhere – from
Sotheby’s workers on strike a few blocks from Hunter college, to parents and teachers preparing to storm the Dept. of Education’s public hearing) we think sitting down ourselves for a brainstorming and mapping out what we want to see happen and how we can best move forward on that, would be extremely beneficial – especially for those who’ve never had the opportunity to build their own movement before – because this will be our movement!

Today, Friday – a Hunter College general assembly is happening at 4! A fantastic development and opportunity that shows
just how many people (and how many more there could be) who want to organize as a student force for change at Hunter and beyond!
That meeting will
again happen in front Hunter College’s main entrance (Hunter West, 68th & Lexington) at 4pm.

This meeting we’re proposing would be next Tuesday the 25th in the Thomas Hunter room 305 B, 4:30pm.

Some ideas for discussion would be :

Campaign proposals for students within Hunter

A discussion over points of unity

A division of labor to begin putting these ideas into action!

Hope to see y’all there!

Hunter Students United


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