Hunter Students United meeting today at 4:30!

A quick reminder and message from Hunter Students United:

Greetings y’all

Hope your midterms/mid-semester is going well thus far (if not, keep your head up, you’ll pull through;)

A friendly reminder however, that our Hunter College administration, Board of Trustees of CUNY, and all the other 1% elites that reap wealth and prestige from our funds a.k.a. need for an education – without accountability – are aware that we’re stressed out working people pre-occupied with exams, jobs, family and personal strife that they assume permanently forces us into submission to their unjust operating of CUNY. They’re wrong, things are moving beneath the surface in more places than we can imagine, so lets join the momentum of the movement and organize ourselves – we knew it wasn’t called “the struggle” for nothing.

meet with other like-minded students, 4:30pm Thomas Hunter room 305 B, who want to help create change here at Hunter and CUNY as whole. If you can’t make the meeting, email HunterStudentsUnited@gmail.comto receive the meeting’s minutes (report-back.)

Proposed agenda/discussion points (can be changed with your suggestions/amendments – time added so meeting doesn’t extend past two hours, while getting as much as we want covered) :

– Intro – 10min
– Campaigns/Actions – 30min
– Review of Points of Unity – 20min
– Division of Labor – 20min
– Discussion for study group on history of CUNY student struggle – 10 min
– Announcements on upcoming actions/important dates – 10 min

Feel free to jot this down along with your amendments for time, alternate proposals, so we can quickly agree at the beginning of the meeting what we want to get out it. 


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