Meeting Today!

The Hunter International Socialist Club will have a meeting today, Wednesday, 1-3pm @ TH305B

Proposed Agenda for Hunter International Socialist Club 

1) Discussion on Socialist and Movements Article (60mins)
Article Text also posted in previous blog post below

2) Report back on Hunter GA (20mins) – Given that this is such a huge priority I think that we should be doing weekly branch reports on it. Things shift very rapidly and new questions always arise and we need to make sure that everyone in our branch, although may not be able to attend the GA, knows what is going on, knows whats being discussed, what questions are being raised, and what arguments need to be made. As of now, it looks like these GA are going to be the focal point for all of our movement work on campus. This is exactly what we have been saying needs to happen – that OWS spread to local basis – and we need to be at the center of it.3) Sotheby’s Workers Strike – Labor and student alliance (20mins) – We need a report back from the rally this past Thursday – what is the potential for a real student labor alliance?I’m still trying to wrap my head around how to practically work this out. I think that this needs to be a serious discussion given the high potential for further mobilization around both labor issues and a larger student movement. Also given our last branch meeting on this very topic, I think that we should be formulating collectively as a branch on how we want to begin building this relationship.

I think that we need to rethink our branch roles a bit and we should add into that mix a labor point person.

Can people respond to this and give their thoughts and assessment. Its something that we’ve been thinking about and talking about outside of branch meetings and I feel like that discussion needs to be taking place in our meetings themselves. I’m also thinking that perhaps this is something that should be taken up in workings groups coming out of the GA, but I think that it will probably need to be initiated by our members. In any event its something that we need to wrap our heads around as a branch

5) Announcements (10mins):

– Next discussion topic – I’m going to propose that it be Tyranny of Structurelessness and we can vote on it.
– MoM study group
– Conference reminder
– Any others?

Like always please read and re-read the proposal and respond with any disagreements, amendments, questions, etc.


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