Yesterday Campus Security and the NYPD Beat and Arrest CUNY Students

Yesterday, around 600 CUNY students from all over the CUNY system turned out for a protest of the Board of Trustees. About 30 CUNY Hunter Students walked out of class at 2pm and traveled down to join the other CUNY students.

Students United For a Free CUNY put out a call for CUNY students to meet at Madison Square Park where students used a People’s Mic to give testimonies of student life in NYC, stories of their hardships and struggles to get a decent education in a system that is becoming more and more privatized at the expense of working class students who have no other option than to get into debt at a private school. Students voiced their opinions that these economic exclusionary practices perpetuate an unjust and overtly racist and sexist system, for most people of color are working class people and the recent attacks on child daycare services at CUNY affect women’s ability to attend school. Students then marched to Baruch where they attempted to attend the hearing. Once Students arrived at Baruch they faced full scale repression from Campus Security and the NYPD.

When CUNY students where walking into Baruch, a public institution payed for with our tax dollars, only about 75 students could get in before Campus Security blocked the door and didn’t let any more students in. Once CUNY students were denied entrance, they used the People’s Mic to democratically and peacefully have their own assembly inside the lobby. At this point, what students saw  inside Baruch was a line of Campus security brandishing batons in their gloved hands and zip-tie handcuffs at their waists, while outside, barricades were set up and down the block with more than 3 NYPD vans aka paddy wagons parked out front.

A couple of minutes into the spontaneous CUNY student assembly, police charge the sitting CUNY students.

(Police charge us at 3:50)

This is clear evidence of police repression. Here you clearly see the police attack peaceful students trying to voice their opinion at a public hearing regarding the cost of their education. Cops should not be on campus. They are the foot soldiers of the Board of Trustees who are there to make sure we never have a voice in our struggle for education to be a right, not a privilege and not for profit. Cops are there to repress students not protect them, this video  makes that point clear as day.

15+ CUNY students were arrested. At least two of them from Hunter College.

This is outrageous and an outright attack on our Student’s Rights. We must defend them! Monday November 28th, CUNY students will rally at Baruch once again, this time to protest the student repression and arrests as well as the vote on the Board of Trustees plan to raise tuition by 35% in the next five years.

Link to the Facebook event:

In light of this, the Hunter International Socialist Club will start a series of Teach-Ins, the first one, tomorrow, Wednesday (11/23) at 1pm in Hunter College West right outside the Cafeteria on the 3rd Floor, will be on the role of Campus Security and the Police. Join us for a discussion on their role in our society.

Here’s the information and flyer : Enemies in Blue

Here are some articles on the topic of Police Brutality against our Movements:

Sherry Wolf’s column

Socialist Worker Article: Why The police aren’t on our side

As Neoliberalism creeps its way through our CUNY schools, our public institutions become more and more part of the racist framework of the ruling class’ social control meant to keep us racist and hateful of each other, never to unite and create a true democratic system called socialism. We must continue the struggle and we must know who is with us and who is against us so that we can unite and overturn a system that reigns misery and exploitation down on us.

Our Power is unstoppable! Another World is Possible!

In struggle and solidarity,
Hunter International Socialist Club


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