EMERGENCY MEETING: Tomorrow @ 1pm, Save Hunter Club Space!

Hunter College Administration has arbitrarily decided to reallocate all the club spaces. This means that they are going to kick out all the clubs from the rooms and spaces that they have been in for many many years and reorganize the spaces without any consideration nor involvement of the clubs themselves. Our club space, The Hunter International Socialist Club, is being taken away from us and we’re being jammed into a smaller room with up to 5 different clubs. TH305B as well as all the club rooms have been a space where the Hunter Student community has met to discuss, organize, and freely express themselves through the spaces that the club rooms provide. We won’t let them take them away from us, but we need your help and club solidarity. Tomorrow there will be a meeting to protect all the clubs spaces. Below is an email sent out for details and information about tomorrow’s meeting.

All clubs,

We are writing in regards to the recent notification of club space reallocations. As you all may know, the administration has made the unilateral decision to relocate numerous clubs, some of which have been in their space for over 10 years. This decision is beyond any plausible doubt undemocratic and unprincipled as it has been decided on without any input from club members or without any avenue for repeal. In addition, this is beyond simply impractical. This decision threatens the safety of some students who are targeted by either their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or political affiliation and who have established their club rooms as safe spaces on campus. We as student do not accept this decision and want to fight back against these attacks!

We are currently working on getting a repeal, but negotiations with administration will most likely be unfruitful. We need to be united as a student body and come together to enforce democracy when it is so vilely disregarded.
JOIN US TOMORROW @ 1PM room 305B Thomas Hunter to discuss perspective actions!
Now more than ever is the time to FIGHT BACK!

– Concerned students

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