First club meeting of the semester: Women’s Oppression and the Elections

International Socialist Organization
Hunter College


Open Meeting:
Wednesday, September 5 @ 6:30pm
TH 305B (see directions below)

Join the Hunter International Socialist Organization as we begin our new school year with discussions about women’s oppression and staging an on-campus fight against racism.

As we draw closer to the elections, Republicans are echoing one lunacy after the other about “legitimate rape” and have declared an outright war on women.  Meanwhile, Democrats attempt to pose themselves as an alternative, but any casual look at their actual record reveals they have time and again failed to deliver on one promise after the other and have continually compromised with the right-wing fanatics when it comes to women’s rights.  The need to find solutions outside the two-party system has never been greater, and we will be discussing the questions around why women are commonly regarded as second-class citizens in our society and what can be done about it.  What are the origins of women’s oppression and how have those led to the current status of women in society?  Why are women still paid 77¢ on the dollar to men?  What will it take to halt these attacks and bring together a struggle which can successfully win real rights for all women?

With the fight against the racially-profiling stop and frisk policies of the NYPD and the onslaught of high-profile cases of police brutality in the news, coupled with skyrocketing mass incarceration rates of people of color alongside a wholesale gutting of social services in our communities, the need for an on-campus fightback against racism has never been greater.  Take part in a discussion on how to build this struggle at Hunter College. Help us prepare to bring a panel to our school of speakers who have lost family members to the violence of the NYPD, so they can share their stories about how they are fighting for justice and how we can become part of the solution.

Topics for Discussion:

1)    Women’s Oppression and the Elections

2)    Anti-Racist Orientation and Work
Ramarley Graham & Family On-Campus Event)


Readings for Discussion on Women’s Oppression:                                   

Engel’s and the Origins of Women’s Oppression
They Care About Abortion… Every Four Years 
Akin Speaks for Them All 

Supplementary Reading:
Turning Back the Clock? Women, Work and the Family Today



Directions to TH305B
Walk up to the 3rd floor of Hunter West.  Walk through the skybridge to Hunter North. Enter into Thomas Hunter Hall through the door on your right and go up one flight of stairs to the 3rd floor. TH305B is the first door on the left side of the hallway. •


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